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Why are my forget-me-nots going pink?

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bakedpotato Thu 05-May-05 11:02:18

Umm, that's it, really. Just wondering if I can do anything about it.

anorak Thu 05-May-05 11:04:28

Some plants change from blue to red if the soil is acid. Certainly hydrangeas do this.

Add a lime dressing and see if they turn back to blue.

bakedpotato Thu 05-May-05 11:20:16

brilliant, thankyou.

WigWamBam Thu 05-May-05 11:30:51

Isn't that normal for forget-me-nots? As far as I know, some varieties of forget-me-not start off with pink flowers which then change to blue as the flowers mature.

Chandra Thu 05-May-05 11:31:52

Are they inlove? just a thought... with the nice weather finally arriving everything may happen

Dingle Thu 05-May-05 11:36:12

What about white "blue"bells!! Are they a different variety?

Mothernature Thu 05-May-05 11:45:38

Forget-me-nots come in three colours Blue/pink and white...maybe they are reverting back to their original breed colour...



Where do fairy babies lie
Till they're old enough to fly?
Here's a likely place, I think,
'Mid these flowers, blue and pink,
(pink for girls and blue for boys:
Pretty things for babies' toys!)
Let us peep now, gently. Why,
Fairy baby, here you lie!

Kicking there, with no one by,
baby dear, how good you lie!
All alone, but, you're not -
You could never be - forgot!
O how glad I am I've found you,
With Forget-me-nots around you,
Blue, the colour of the sky!
Fairy baby, Hushaby!

~by Cicely Mary Barker~

spod Fri 06-May-05 22:00:36

forgetmenots are spposed to go pink... they just do!

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