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How to keep hedgehogs out of your Garden?

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leesmum Sat 11-Apr-09 23:13:46

I'm so fed up with having to go out every morning and pick up hedgehog shit before letting the ds's out to play!!! We have one huge hog that comes in our garden every evening to poo all over our lawn, it looks like tar and stinks. I dont want to harm it but i want to deter it from coming in, anyone else had this problem??? Thanks x

nightcrawler Sat 11-Apr-09 23:23:32

Wish I had - hedgehogs eat slugs and other garden horrors. No wonder h/h shit is black and stinky. I don't really think that the hedgehog comes into your garden just to have a crap. It comes in for other reasons - mainly food, ie slugs. Whilst in your garden, it is probably overcome by the need to "go", so it just does so. I would rather pick up hedgehog doings than slugs, but I may be in the minority?

Pannacotta Sun 12-Apr-09 19:38:32

I woudl also love to have a hedgehog in our garden as they feast on slugs and maybe snails too.
I'd also rather pick up hedgehog droppings than deal with slugs...
Are you sure its a hedgehog and not a fox? They often leave smelly poo in our garden.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 12-Apr-09 19:41:11

omg hedgehog poo is super stinky

my cats loved rolling in it yyyyeuch

no way to stop them that I have ever heard of I'm afraid

MrsMcCluskey Sun 12-Apr-09 19:45:16

oohh send him over to mine to eat all the bleeeding slugs who are munching my hostas!

Habbibu Sun 12-Apr-09 19:48:41

Try local hedgehog sanctuary? I'm actively seeking one, and am hoping our sanctuary has one for us to rehome that'll eat all the damn slugs. In fact, ask people with allotments, etc - they may be very keen to take it off your hands - I guess you'd have to get advice from RSPCA/SPCA on how to catch it!

ChocolateEggMayorNaze Sun 12-Apr-09 19:49:21

ditto send them to mine! blardy slugs munched my clematis angry

hobbgoblin Sun 12-Apr-09 19:59:20

How funny! The other day I was contemplating posting on how to get a hedgehog in our garden. I've had them in all my gardens over the years but this garden is devoid and I am sad!

beesonmummyshead Sun 12-Apr-09 20:10:28

me too hobgoblin grin

habbibu will hedgehog sanctuarys really rehome a hog to someone's garden? I'd LOVE one!

Habbibu Sun 12-Apr-09 20:11:34

That's what I'd heard, but have yet to test it out.

beesonmummyshead Sun 12-Apr-09 20:13:32

oooh i'll give mine a call, thankyou!

leesmum can i have yours? grin

hobbgoblin Sun 12-Apr-09 20:17:35

am now researching!

beesonmummyshead Sun 12-Apr-09 20:31:28

thanks hobbgoblin, my local one says nothing about rehoming hogs, but i have emailed them just in case

Habbibu Sun 12-Apr-09 20:36:54

<worries in case she's wrong!>

beesonmummyshead Sun 12-Apr-09 21:28:36

nono, the link you attached said they do need rehomers. mine didn't - but i'm not surprised, we're all a bit slow down 'ere in the west country!

Habbibu Sun 12-Apr-09 21:37:40

So it does <dim emoticon> Phew.

leesmum Mon 13-Apr-09 07:57:04

Hi ladies, thanks for you replies. Yes i know they get rid of all the nasty slugs but my garden is getting wrecked!! I've seen the Hog coming in at night and pooing everywhere in fact i think there may be more than one because of the amount of turds on the lawn!! It wouldn't be so bad if it was hard but because its all slimy i end up ending having to rip up grass with it as well.

If anyone lives near Manchester you are more than welcome to come and take it off my hands!!

I will look for a local sanctuary and see what thay have to say about it, but it probably means going out to try and get it in a box, and i dont fancy going near it.

I will let you know how i get on x

snudgebudge Fri 14-Aug-09 10:20:29

I've had the same problem with daily hedgehog poo in my garden. Have just shovelled a mega one up. Disgusting! Resorted to trying to block up gaps under the fence. Will know if it has worked tomorrow.

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