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Can anyone tell me what one of those tiered metal shelves for putting pots on is called?

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CountessDracula Sun 24-Apr-05 22:35:25

My neighbour used to have one, they are tiered in that each shelf pokes out a bit more than the last, like steps.

I want one to put some pots in one corner of my garden but don't know what to search for!

BadgerBadger Sun 24-Apr-05 22:47:15

Is it a stepped plant stand ?

miggy Sun 24-Apr-05 22:47:29

I think they are just called tiered plant stands. There is a thing called a jardiniere, but I think thats just one level.
Best I could find bit twee though
I know the one you mean, fits in a corner? seen it in a catalogue somewhere but I cant remember which one-sorry

BadgerBadger Sun 24-Apr-05 22:53:44

....or this one is a bit different.

BadgerBadger Sun 24-Apr-05 22:58:14

Argos have a plastic version.

CountessDracula Tue 26-Apr-05 22:33:47

Badgerbadger the first one you posted is the kind of thing but want an old one really. Will try ebay!

Thanks all xx

pixie54 Tue 26-Apr-05 22:36:47

isn't it an etager or something similar?

CountessDracula Tue 26-Apr-05 22:38:43

this is the sort of thing

PrettyCandles Tue 26-Apr-05 22:40:03

I think it's jardiniere. I think etager is also used. Not sure which is 'correct'.

CountessDracula Tue 26-Apr-05 22:40:04

etagere, you are right!

PrettyCandles Tue 26-Apr-05 22:40:47

etagere, I mean. Dunno how to do the accent though.

sparklymieow Tue 26-Apr-05 22:47:07

Lidi has some recently..

jangly Tue 26-Apr-05 22:47:45

Here's one that looks old, although it isn't. here
Its a bit expensive, and not sure about the colour!

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