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What do I do with my sad looking climbing rose?

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TwinSetAndPearls Sat 23-Apr-05 14:39:03

Thats enough of the lawn now my plants. I have a climbing rose around my door which is a bit sad looking, very spindly and little sign of buds. This is our first spring in the house so it is an inherited flower which was neglected by the previous owners. am I too late to prune it? Should I prune it? How do I prune it?

Am going back out to the garden so I may be back with more questions!

WigWamBam Sat 23-Apr-05 15:28:18

The best time to start pruning climbing roses is during the winter months, if you prune it now you won't get any flowers at all this year. Although if you haven't got many buds it's probably no loss. You should be able to prune it now, if you're not concerned about the lack of flowers this year.

Remove any dead wood with secateurs, make a sloping cut into healthy wood, close to a bud or shoot. Remove any crossing or rubbing stems. Older plants need more vigorous pruning. Remove the oldest and least productive stems to encourage new ones to grow in their place. Make cuts close to ground level or back to a healthy shoot.

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 24-Apr-05 17:46:22

Thabks for this WWB, will set to work in the morning. gardeners question time was discussing climbers today and I am almost tempted to start with a new plant as they had lots of good ideas.

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