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Wormery Flies

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fernyburn Sun 17-Apr-05 20:46:35

I have just bought a wormery from sunshineways, but I have got an invasion of flies in my wormery
(small with reddish bodies & very small with white wings)
can any tell me what they are or how to get rid of them - there are 1000s that fly out when the top lid is opened


BadgerBadger Sun 17-Apr-05 22:29:37

The ones with red bodies might be fruit flies (aka beer flies).
I'm not sure what the ones with white wings are. We have had each of these at different times and I have no idea of how to get rid of them, sorry.

hatsoff Sun 17-Apr-05 22:35:02

I'm not sure about getting rid of them, but if the wormery is new it might be a sign that you are putting too much into it - it takes a while to get established and you need to build the quantity up slowly. Check out - it's a great site and will probably have some advice.

BadgerBadger Sun 17-Apr-05 22:39:25

Whitefly ?

BadgerBadger Sun 17-Apr-05 22:41:20

Fruitfly ?


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