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lauradora Mon 02-Mar-09 21:57:44

Can anyone recommend a good gardening website?? Am starting a veg garden and the choice out there is BAFFLING! I want to buy some growbags, netting etc and a few seeds and don't want to get ripped off and buy a whole load of cr** that I don't need!

Pannacotta Mon 02-Mar-09 22:32:44

WynkenBlynkenandNod Tue 03-Mar-09 09:31:16

You don't need to spend much to get started. Save things like yoghurt pots etc - we have our tomato seeds germinating (I hope !) in an old take away container with drainage holes in the bottom and peas in the inside of toilet rolls with a couple of old teabags jammed in the bottom and compost.

Cut up old plastic bottles to make mini cloches or drill holes in the lid, cut the bottom off and stick it in the soil next to your plants, it makes a basic irrigation system.

If you have any pruning to do keep any larger sticks to stake veg that need it.

Our local garden system has a place outside where you can take pots which is handy.

Look around the house to see what you have that could make containers to grow things in, I saw a picture where someone had got those folding crates lined with cardboard then a very cheap garden arch and is going to make a cover from an old mossie net to keep the butterflies and such like off cabbages, lettuce etc to avoid caterpillars.

Ask around friends who grow veg to see if you could swap seeds, you get loads in a packet.

Lidl have some good offers on gardening stuff this week so if you have a local one it is definitely worth going in on Thursday.

I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice though as am much better with flowers than veg but am going to try hard this year to improve !

Try freecycle for bit of netting and also maybe some free veg plants, some people grow more than they need. DH got some cheap plants at a car boot sale last year which gave us a fair few courgettes.

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