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Strawberry plant and others - will they grow indoors under a skylight?

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swiperfox Fri 08-Apr-05 21:00:00

I bought DD a load of seeds and plants today, two propagators with misc seeds and some snapdragons for the hanging basket. Also some lavender and a strawberry plant. However we can't use our garden so they are all indoors ona tableunderthe skylight. Will they grow ok like that or do they have to be outside?

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Apr-05 00:27:04

They will probably do ok. I've grown tomato and strawberry plants inside on a window sill before .

Direct sun through glass might burn them though, so maybe give them some shade on hotter days and open a window so that they don't overheat. You'll have to be really diligent about watering too, but other than that, definitely worth a try!

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