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What;'s this flower?

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WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 13:42:31

I've seen a lovely little alpine (I think) flower in someone's garden and I'd love to know what it is so I can get some! It looks a bit like a daisy in form, but bigger, it has long, slim petals around a dark centre, the flower is about 2" across and opens wide out in sunshine but seems to close again in the shade. The flower is a dark bluey/purple colour, a bit like the colour of a dark Michaelmas daisy, the stem is short, and there is a small amount of slightly feathered foliage. Anyone know what this is?

Fran1 Wed 23-Mar-05 13:44:44

Oh i'm so useless!!

I have a couple of these in my garden, but i don't know the name.

They are hard to control, they spread fast. But they are lovely. You can get them in a variety of colours.

Do you know the person whose garden it is in? Cos they are easy to take cuttings, thats how i got one of mine.

Lonelymum Wed 23-Mar-05 13:46:27

Could you knock on the door of the house where you saw it? If they look like gardening folk, they will probably be thrilled by your interest and more than happy to tell you the name.

anorak Wed 23-Mar-05 13:48:57

mysembreanthemum (not sure about spelling)

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 13:53:29

I don't think it's a Mesenbryanthemum, it has fewer petals and they're not variegated in colour. It's a lot smaller as well, the stem is only a couple of inches long.

suedonim Wed 23-Mar-05 13:53:48

Is it a gentian?

suedonim Wed 23-Mar-05 13:56:14

What about this flower?

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 13:56:24

Isn't Gentian a bit like a violet? This has really slim petals, which are a bit like a Mesenbryanthemum.

I'm too much of a coward to knock on their door! I don't know them, it's just a house I pass on the way to nursery with dd.

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 13:56:59

More petals than that on, suedonim, and slimmer.

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 13:58:22

Is it something like a mesmeranthumum(sp??) oh no they have more succulent type foliage don't they? Do you know what I mean, I had them in the rockery a few years ago and I thought they were lovely. It amazed ds how the flowers kept opening and shitting!

morningpaper Wed 23-Mar-05 14:00:27

I think that would amaze me too Dingle!

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 14:00:52

And me ...

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 14:01:10

oops...sorry WWB! just read your posts!

.....and now I've just read mine! That should be SHUTTING!

KeepingMum Wed 23-Mar-05 14:01:27

Is it an alpine aster, though I am not sure if the leaves are feathery. The petals are blue though

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 14:03:56

Just googled alpine aster, it's not the one. The plant I'm after has longer, slimmer petals, and the centre of the flower is smaller than the aster.

Still smiling at your flowers, Dingle

Bozza Wed 23-Mar-05 14:04:41

Is it out at the moment? Wonder if it is an anenome?

morningpaper Wed 23-Mar-05 14:05:17

I'm SURE I've got these in my garden NOW and I planted them from bulbs in the autumn. But I can't remember what they are!!!

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 14:06:00

It's out at the moment, and it's gorgeous. The foliage is a bit like an anemone.

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 14:08:22

Oh dear. I don't claim to be much of a gardener and don't venture here very often.....I don't think I will have the nerve to post again. I had better go and sort out my plants!

.....and she rushes of with a bucket and spade with a silly grin on her face!

morningpaper Wed 23-Mar-05 14:09:53

Is it the Anemone blanda ?

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 14:12:05

No, it's not anemone blanda, the petals are longer and thinner, and the centre is smaller.

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 14:16:31

WWB I have just rushed out into the garden with my digi camera. Do you want me to email it to you?

This one is very well behaved and doesn't make ANY mess at all!

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 14:17:56

Oh, yes please - as long as you promise that it doesn't do what you said it does!!

traceyparker63 at hotmail dot com

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 14:21:58

Don't know if it's of any use but pic has been sent accross!

WigWamBam Wed 23-Mar-05 14:25:02

It's not the one!

I have to know what it is, I need these plants in my garden and I don't want to have to resort to nicking them from someone else's!

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