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Has anyone grown GarliC? - What do youo wished you had known?

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ScaryYellow Sat 18-Oct-08 14:53:41

thinking of ordering some garlic but unsure whether they will grow in pots? sanyone had luck?

glenthorpe Sat 18-Oct-08 15:10:19

One of our off spring grew some in the school gardens (just in the soil), which are well supplied with cow muck.We gave him several cloves which he split up inyo the little segments,planted them and they came up a treat. I cant remember now when he planted them etc,but what I do remember was bringing home loads of bundles in the car and stinking it out! It was huge fun for him and several neighbours saw/smelled him and the garlics and then said they would buy some off him.He was really proud of himself, it still makes me laugh now...

MakemineaGandT Sun 19-Oct-08 16:53:56

I wish I had known how easy it is and planted more. Will be planting more shortly (Nov I think is traditional time....)

spugs Thu 23-Oct-08 17:27:11

ive planted some in pots, no idea if it will grow but you never know

missingtheaction Thu 23-Oct-08 20:03:30

they will grow quite happily in pots but usual rules apply - don't let them dry out, and allow them more space (ie bigger pot) than you think they could possibly need

mankymummy Thu 23-Oct-08 20:05:21

better in pots providing you keep them watered as you wont have to deal with weeds. as garlic is slow growing, planting in open ground can be a real nightmare for the weeds.

SalVolatile Fri 24-Oct-08 22:06:05

I have had a lot of success with garlic planted in Spring, but the usual rules are: plant in winter if your soil is quite rich, plant in spring if soil is poorer (if the soil is too good garlic does not thrive). Spring sown garlic is more likely to bolt if the weather fets warm very quickly. Harvest when the leaves are browning, by snapping them over, leave to wither some more and then lift on a dry day. If garlic or onios are ripe the neck should be quite dry and narrow: a fleshy wide neck is underripe and will not store well.

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