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WigWamBam Sun 06-Mar-05 20:37:34

I've been given a lovely azalea, but it doesn't come with any care instructions. Are azaleas hardy? It's in flower at the moment so I won't put it outside in case the frost gets it, but should it go in the garden or stay indoors? It has dark green leaves but they're not glossy like an evergreen, so I'm not sure whether it's hardy or not.

wobblyknicks Sun 06-Mar-05 20:44:26

Have just asked my green-fingered mother, apparently they're fine outside, but not in horrible frost, and great for growing in pots. They need acid soil, so ericaceous (sp?) compost if in a pot.

WigWamBam Sun 06-Mar-05 22:13:00

Ta chuck

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Mar-05 07:34:23


bluesky Mon 07-Mar-05 11:57:10

rabbits have been nibbling mine ....

PinkWebby Mon 07-Mar-05 11:58:25

They like rain water and not tap water. If that is any help.

jangly Mon 07-Mar-05 12:06:35

If its a florist one it needs to be very cool, very wet and very light. Keep indoors while its flowering - you can put pot outside somewhere shady in summer and bring it in again in autumn. You will need to feed it and water it well if its going to be any good for a second season.

WigWamBam Mon 07-Mar-05 12:29:13

I don't know what sort it is, jangly. I think I'll assume that it's not going to be hardy and will need bringing in over the winter. Thanks.

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