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How do I "top dress" my lawn?

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Lalisa Wed 08-Oct-08 20:10:46

I'm new to lawn care here. I've read that I need to scarify, aerate and top dress my lawn this autumn. Scarify & aerate I think I've got figured, but I've some questions about the top dressing

- what should the mixture of sand/compost be? 50/50? more? less?

- How much in total? Should the whole lawn be completely covered over, or more like a bit of dirt has been sprinkled on it?

- Whats the best way to get this stuff on the lawn? I've seen online listings for spreaders, but can it be reasonably done without having to buy another tool that I dont have room for in the shed? The lawn is pretty small, just 3m x 3m.

And may be a very silly one, but the lawn hasnt been mowed in a long time and the grass is pretty long. Am I correct in assuming that all this should be done on a freshly mowed lawn?


missingtheaction Thu 09-Oct-08 14:49:01

but if your lawn is in good nick it's not crucial

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