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Help with an Acer and date palm tree,please

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Bubbaloo Tue 07-Oct-08 14:21:08

I've just bought a large Acer and date palm tree for the garden and am wondering if there is anyting I need to know about either one,or whether it's a case of planting and leaving to growblush.
Both are approx 5ft in height and with the date palm I'm wondering whether it would be best to put it in the bed(have sunny and semi shade),or to put in a container on the patio.

missingtheaction Wed 08-Oct-08 08:32:42

acer wants to be not in scorching sunshine, and in an ideal world wants soil that is a bit acid and a bit sandy - ie free draining and not chalky. they also like to have their root space to themselves. but most are pretty tolerant.

your date palm will be pretty cold tolerant for hte odd snap but won't want to be frozen for any lenght of time. so if you can't give it a bit of protection when it's cold you may be better in a pot if that means you can bring it inside somewhere. but if you can't bring it indoors it will be better protected in the ground (roots less likely to freeze). It will also like a surprising amount of water.

Bubbaloo Wed 08-Oct-08 16:49:51

Thanks,that's most helpful.I planted the Acer yesterday and unfortunately the place I've put it does have a few roots from next doors tree,but I've managed to get as much of the root out as I can.
I've still yet to plant the date palm and although I've read that they can grow to around 15ft,it is relatively small at about 5ft at the moment,so I may stick it in one of the beds.
Do you think it would be better in a sunny bed,or semi shade?
We've recently had the garden completely redone,so I have 2 large empty beds to fillsmile.

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