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Veg growers - what do you grow in the autumn/ winter?

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SuperBunny Mon 06-Oct-08 19:09:21

I think the climate here means I can't grow anything much but I was wondering what other people do. I'd like to have a go at something.

noonki Mon 06-Oct-08 19:11:27

here - UK - can plant garlic/winter lettuce stuff and we have purple sprouting broccoli
planted in May but will produce hopefully in November

thanks I forgot to plant my garlic till I saw this!

SuperBunny Mon 06-Oct-08 19:58:56

OOo, garlic. Good idea. How do you know when it is ready?

missingtheaction Wed 08-Oct-08 08:46:08

where is here? why can't you grow anything much?

must get my garlic in

also overwintering onions/japanese onions, you might be able to buy some winter cabbage too

broad beans? not sure, I hate them so don't grow them!

mostly i grow cuttings and set seeds in the greenhouse and snuggle up by the fire reading Garden Porn (aka seed catalogues, articles about Monty Don and Dan Pearson etc)

WelliesAndPyjamas Wed 08-Oct-08 08:49:29

I grow nothing except for an extra layer of fat, mainly on my backside grin. We have deep snow all winter and nothing grows. Why not ask your neighbours whether they grow anything successfully over the winter?

woodstock3 Wed 08-Oct-08 14:56:11

also is there anything i can grow overwinter in pots? have done salads, beans, strawbs and tomatoes in summer but a bit stumped for pots over winter except winter lettuces....would garlic be ok in a pot?

SuperBunny Thu 09-Oct-08 14:17:37

Here is Chicago - we have 5 months of snow.
I too tend toward a layer of flab on my backside. I think snuggling up with porn is a good idea wink

I have grown garlic in a pot before but I didn't eat it. Not sure why. It looked pretty though.

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