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Veg patch FULL of weeds, advice?

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S1ur Sun 05-Oct-08 14:27:50

This is the first year we have had a garden big enough to have an actual bonafide veg patch at the back so its all been a bit of an experiment really.

It has gone well, apparently things can grow there shock BUT we have been neglectful and we have many many dock plants and have given up on any remaining things that we put in.

SOoooooooo my question. We want to prep the area ready for erm... spring? [novice emoticon]

I am unsure about weed killer as it is somewhere we want to plant edible stuff.
Should we cover it or something? hmm

Please speak slowly to me, I am spectaularly new and stoopid at this.

anchovies Sun 05-Oct-08 14:29:59

I would cover the lot asap however docks survive for ages when covered so the roots will still need digging out in the spring.

S1ur Sun 05-Oct-08 14:34:25

Ooh right okay, what do I cover with? Can it be anything that blocks out the light?

DoubleBluff Sun 05-Oct-08 14:35:38

Am new to growing veggies too so am watching with baited breath as am completely clueless

S1ur Sun 05-Oct-08 14:36:57

<links arms with DB and awaits gardening experts>

DoubleBluff Sun 05-Oct-08 14:41:07

Although I did manage some courgettes and runner beans.
Do I pull everyting up now that they have finished?! - see completely clueless - doesn't tell you this in my gardening bbook

jooseyfruit Sun 05-Oct-08 14:45:45

pull everything and dig out roots (pita but necessary) you can cover with old carpet.

bronze Sun 05-Oct-08 14:47:35

No expert but this is something we had to look into. It seems you can use natural fible crapet/ carboard or tarp.

S1ur Sun 05-Oct-08 14:47:46

Ok so, a total clean slate then.

Pull everything up, inc roots and cover with (ah no old carpet here) something heavy and dark? Not just plastic sheet then?

bronze Sun 05-Oct-08 14:47:55

or even natural fibre carpet

bronze Sun 05-Oct-08 14:48:51

And it seems it took me over 2 minutes to reply as Joosey (lovely name makes me thing yummy stuff) hadn't replied when I did.

S1ur Sun 05-Oct-08 14:49:25

thanks sorry xpost.

Can do cardboard and tarp, got both of those.

Right so when do we take it off again? spring time?

Was thinking of raising bed as well so should do that in spring too right?

jooseyfruit Sun 05-Oct-08 14:51:32

thanks bronze wink
cardboard is a great idea.

make sure ALL the roots are out. even little fragments of root can regrow.

S1ur Sun 05-Oct-08 15:01:05

Ta all lovely green fingered ones!

rubyloopy Mon 06-Oct-08 11:56:09

Message withdrawn

rubyloopy Mon 06-Oct-08 11:57:13

Message withdrawn

spicemonster Mon 06-Oct-08 12:14:23

If you want to use weedkiller, use a systemic one which is absorbed into the plant but doesn't leach into the soil. Glyphosate is the active chemical. I'd do that on a virgin plot personally (and I garden organically for the most part) or you'll be digging up roots for days. It is important that you do it on an absolutely still day though and/or hold up a plastic sheet while you do it as you don't want any of it to travel onto your neighbours' lovingly tended plots!

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