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Has anyone got an artificial lawn as a play area?

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Bubbaloo Sat 27-Sep-08 10:03:38

We're in the process of having the garden done and have finally decided on an artificial lawn for the play area.
Just wondered if it is still as easy to secure swings and slides etc to the ground and will the lawn be totally squashed when we remove such things off it,at a later date?

notsoteenagemum Sat 27-Sep-08 10:09:14

What type of is it? Pils had astroturf stuff and DC got the worst grazes ever from it they got rid last year and turfed it with real grass.

Bubbaloo Sat 27-Sep-08 11:29:16

I'm not entirely sure but I know it's called Verdelux,from Verde Sport Ltd.
According to the gardener it is very soft and used mainly for play area's.
We were going to have a bark chip area instead but with 2 cats and lots of strays and foxes in the area,I changed my mind.

NorbertDentressangle Sat 27-Sep-08 11:33:30

An alternative is something they've used at DD's school -its like a plastic honeycomb effect matting which is laid on the ground and the grass grows through it IYSWIM.

You get the look and effect of grass but the ground doesn't get churned up in wet weather or dry and bare in the summer.

The grass just gets mowed (mown?) as usual

RedOnHerHead Sat 27-Sep-08 11:38:42

Bark is a nightmare we put it down 2yrs ago and its full of weed grass - we have to take it all away - I was thinking of the fake grass for next year too.

SaintPeachy Sat 27-Sep-08 11:58:34

My friend has an astroturf lawn

It does cause us a giggle in fairness (esp. when they have to wash it LMAO) but t works as a play surface; their ds's love it, as does her childminded kids.

It always looks tidy too whch is more than I can say for our garden blush

RedOnHerHead Sat 27-Sep-08 12:01:55

well, my garden is more of a jungle tbh - I'm sure i heard a monkey in there when i went to peg the washing on the line yesterday!

Bubbaloo Sat 27-Sep-08 12:32:20

SaintPeachy-Has she got swings and slides etc on her lawn?

SaintPeachy Sat 27-Sep-08 12:33:46

trampoline, lots of toys- not sure about swings / slides though

misdee Sat 27-Sep-08 12:38:29

have u got a link to this fake lawn stuff?

Bubbaloo Sat 27-Sep-08 13:03:22


I have a leaflet detailing each product and I think the Verdeluxe would be better as a play area,and they do actually recommend it for that use.
Think maybe I'll give them a call on Monday and ask about securing swings and slides etc...

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