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Bad karma to dig up a 40yr old Hebe? Would you?

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eviz Fri 26-Sep-08 14:36:19

Live in a 60's semi withlovely mature gardens. House had original owner in till lasy yr when we bought it. He was clearly avid gardner but over last few yrs he was in a home and house was tenanted, so garden has run totally wild.

Front garden is small - patch of lawn shared with adjoining neighbour - then approx 2ft bed before path and house. There are 3 HUGE bushes dominating the bed, one of which is a massive Hebe. I really want to take it out and plant a small ornamental tree, as the Hebe in particular totally dominates what quite a small garden..

Was going to try to transplant it but friendly neighbours sucked in teeth when I suggested it - roots could be huge they reckon.

Seems so sad to chop it up, not sure what to do.

LouMacca Fri 26-Sep-08 21:12:49

Your house sounds just like mine smile

TBH I thought that the Hebe had shallow roots like the Rhododendron.

I dug a very old Rhododendron up fairly easily. Choppped it all down first and then dug up the roots.

I admit I did feel a bit guilty and sad chopping it up but I did want to put my own mark on my garden. I think an ornamental tree sounds perfect. I put a miniture acer in and its lovely.

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