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Urban Foxes are getting too up close and personal! Sorry, Long.

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Sycamoretree Mon 22-Sep-08 13:36:43

Help please! We moved into our house in London about 2 years ago. Initially, we were a bit excited when we spotted an urban fox sunning himself/herself on the tin roof of next doors shed. Ooh look DD - a fox! Wow!

Cut to two years later:
DD's mini trampoline things completely destroyed and torn to pieces.
DD's wellie's accidentally left out and torn to pieces.
DD's plastic trike...need I go on?

And they don't just wreck stuff - they are always bringing us "presents". I have never seen them leaving stuff in our neighbours gardens. These gifts have ranged from dead animals, an awful lot of carrier bags, with untold rubbish in them, strewn all over. Any left over takeaway cartons, presumably grabbed outside nearest local pubbery and devoured in our garden.

And last night...the gift that took the biscuit. A filthy, dirty MASSIVELY filled runny, poopy nappy, open, poop side up to face the world, right slap bang on our patio. And no - not our own DS's. His nappies are active fit - this nappies was a green pampers baby dry, and Mahoosive. I dry the curtains and nearly vommed into my cornflakes.

What on earth to do about these pesky foxes? Is there anything at all I can do humanely to deter them from our patch? We have a nicely groomed lawn and patio cos of the kids. Neighbours on either side have much more wild and over grown affairs so perhaps just not as fun for romping around?

Also - have twice stepped outside front door top put old milk bottles and come face to face with Mr not so Fantastic. Ye gods, I'm thinking of calling the hunt at this rate!

Seeline Mon 22-Sep-08 13:45:49

We had a problem with foxes, particulalrly as we back onto a railway line which is lined with their dens. we used to have to scour the garden with a shovel before letting the children out to remove all their presents. However we bought an ultrasonic device which has been great It has a motion detector which triggers an ultrasonic burst repeated until the fox has gone. It plugs into the mains. It can be fixed to a wall etc or just stuck in the ground. It has a detection range of about 40 ft. The only time we have a problem now is when one of the vital garden accessories (climbing frame, play house etc) has been left in the detection zone. It really works here

Sycamoretree Mon 22-Sep-08 13:52:39

That's great seeline - just the kind of thing I was looking for. We also back onto waste land, and beyond that, a sewage works (mm, nice!)so it's a prime spot for them to get up to their mischief undisturbed. However, the wasteland is becoming a car park soon for a new block of flats ( I say block, I mean small city) the otherside of the water works, so hopefully that will also encourage them elsewhere.

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