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Kitchen composters ... what do you do with them?

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wishingchair Thu 04-Sep-08 18:18:40

Our garden is small, too small for a compost bin really, but I hate filling my bin up with food waste (esp as we have fortnightly collections) and our council have said they're not going to be doing a food waste collection. So I saw these kitchen composters. They hold 2 weeks worth of food waste and take 2 weeks to break down (so you need 2 of them) and you can drain off teh liquid for your garden. All good. But then what do you do with the broken down food waste???

It says something about putting it on the compost heap or into a deep trench. But if I had room for either of those, surely I wouldn't need a kitchen composter??

Am I being thick here?

Any ideas for how I can get rid of my food waste in a nice green way that doesn't involve filling up my tiny garden with a composter?

misi Thu 04-Sep-08 22:38:50

the idea is because you cannot put cooked food into a compost bin or in a trench as it either attracts vermin or putrefies and this is the main purpose of the kitchen composters. so instead of putting in the bin, the bokashi (or whatever you have seen) will break the cooked food down enough for it to be composted. peelings etc that are not cooked can be put in there too.

depending on how big your garden is, my sisters garden is 20' wide and 20' long but has 2 sheds and a washing circlular thingy. instead of building a usual compost bin, I dug a hole about 3' diameter and lined it with part of my spare pond liner with the bottom open and a wooden frame covered in pond liner for a lid. then her wooden bench seat was placed over it where it was before. she gets good compost from this strange contraption and takes up no space, is well insulated as its below ground and the worms come up and help convert very quickly. I have recently got her a bokashi so she can put her cooked waste in there and then into the compost hole later.

hope this helps a bit?

wishingchair Sat 06-Sep-08 20:39:08

Ooo very interesting. I've got a space about that big where the sand pit currently is. I was going to make a 3ft sq raised bed for growing veggies there. Will have to give this some thought - veggies or compost ... (and now I understand what to do with the bokashi as well - thanks misi!)

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