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Trailing passion flower along a fence

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Tinkjon Mon 01-Sep-08 09:26:21

We have a passion flower that is running riot - it grows as fast as I can cut it back! I want to trail some along along the top of the fence, as we have a small (1 foot high) trellis on top of the fence. I started trailing a few bits in and out of the trellis but now it's gone crazy and is hanging down over the whole fence and it just looks a mess. It's so thick that you can't see any of the fruit or flowers. Should I have just trailed one length of it through and cut every other length back to the main branch?

misi Mon 01-Sep-08 16:01:17

not sure if this will be of use but thought I would add it anyway!!

Tinkjon Tue 02-Sep-08 06:38:05

Brilliant, thanks misi!!

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