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Can you freeze courgettes?

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NigellaTheOriginal Thu 07-Aug-08 20:12:36

plants have decided to grow loads and am off on hols. can i cut them into chunks and freeze them for roasting?

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Thu 07-Aug-08 20:14:57

i imagine they would go all weirdy cos they are so full of water. you could make soup?

palaver Thu 07-Aug-08 20:15:32

they go soggy

NigellaTheOriginal Thu 07-Aug-08 20:17:06

bugger - no time to cook them - will take into work tomorrow

mankymummy Thu 07-Aug-08 20:18:31

roast them first (in chunks) or make ratattouille (sp?), then freeze them. they are lovely (bit softer but still nice) and fabulous to add to rice salad, pasta salad or to have with chicken breast etc.

they are ok cut small to add to soup without cooking first but they do go soggy unless you've roasted them to get some of the water out first.

WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 07-Aug-08 20:20:39

mankymummy - so can I roast them as normal and then freeze once they've cooled down? never tried that (and it sounds like a nice and lazy time efficient way of dealing with all my courgettes!)

mankymummy Fri 08-Aug-08 15:12:41

yep, they might be a bit soggier but otherwise great. i usually roast them with a load of peppers and onions and tomatoes (garlic optional) then freeze and give it to DS as ratattouille... he loves it.

WelliesAndPyjamas Sat 09-Aug-08 13:45:29

Brill. Thanks for that, mankymummy.
Lots of roasting here this weekend then, especially with all of those in season now.

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