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What are baby cabbages meant to look like?

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Levanna Thu 10-Feb-05 22:52:20

They look like cress! I sowed them about a week ago and they look like 2" cress, not anything particularly cabbage like. What are they meant to look like, does anyone know?

Snugs Thu 10-Feb-05 22:56:48

Weeble hello.

Think just about any plant looks like cress at only 1 week old

Snugs Thu 10-Feb-05 22:59:14

But if they end up like this then you are using the wrong seed.

Levanna Thu 10-Feb-05 23:28:30

snorthahaho .

barfly Thu 10-Feb-05 23:31:31

does it matter?

lockets Thu 10-Feb-05 23:33:41

Message withdrawn

Levanna Thu 10-Feb-05 23:35:56

Yes! I'm interested .

Levanna Thu 10-Feb-05 23:37:10


...and my sweet peas look like beansprouts and my poppys look dead!

Joolstoo Thu 10-Feb-05 23:37:49

do baby cabbages only give you baby parps?

Snugs Thu 10-Feb-05 23:41:13

serious link this time.

Levanna Thu 10-Feb-05 23:48:01

Thanks Snugs , similar, but only two leaves on each of mine, so far!
Joolstoo, I have no idea! But, give the possible effects of Brussels Sprouts, probably not .

Mirage Sun 13-Feb-05 19:58:45

They sound about right to me-all brassicas start out looking like cress for some reason.

Levanna Sun 13-Feb-05 21:57:42

Thanks Mirage . They still look like cress, just taller, but good to read it's how they should be!

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