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Can I paint teracotta pots?

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Sonnet Tue 22-Jul-08 18:26:24

I have a mismatched collection od teracotta garden pots and have a "vision" in my head of them all painted a "french green" colour - does anyone know if I can just piant them with emulsion and then a coat of varnish??


ib Wed 23-Jul-08 12:48:08

I have done it and they were fine for a few years then started to flake off. Used acrylic paint.

I wouldn't do varnish, I doubt that will hold for long.

missingtheaction Sat 26-Jul-08 08:58:51

what a brilliant idea to bring all those odd pots together - i am goign to do it too. If I can brigh myself to choose a single colour.

I am told that if you paint on a layer of watered down pva glue first the paint will hold better, then use a sealant afterwards (spray varnish or something)

or you could freecycle them and invest in a lovely new lot!!!

charlotte121 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:51:00

I think if you paint it with a primer or watered down PVA then the paint would have a better base to stick to. Pretty sure you could use any paint so long as you protected them.

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