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Bulbs for a border

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SueW Sat 19-Jul-08 17:44:42

We have a holly hedge which stretches about 20m down one side of our garden - there are old pics from around March on my profile.

I'd like to put lots of bulbs down the edge, under the hedge and alongside the lawn so we have colour for as long as possible e.g. snowdrops, crocus, daffs, tulips, freesias etc

How many bulbs will I need of each flower type and where's the best place to buy them from if I need lots (Def not tesco/homebase at about 10 bulbs per packet presumably!)

Pannacotta Sat 19-Jul-08 18:12:02

Have heard good things about this supplier but not used them myself
Not sure on numbers but a garden designer did tell me its a good idea to plant larger numbers of any one plant than you would think (and plant in drifts and repeat plant)rather than smaller numbers of many different plants.
As you have lots of trees in your garden you could try anenomes too they work well in a woodland type setting, the Japanese are white or pink and flower from now till Oct, and the Wood are white or blue flower in the spring.
Personally am not not that keen on tulips/daffs/freesias in a border, think they are a bit over stylised, but of course it's all very subjective.
Could you plant some perennials and winter flowering evergreens to add some more interest to your garden?
Have you looked at for ideas?
Also this nursery offers a border design service and you can refund the cost against any plants you buy (did this last year in our last garden and was very pleased)]

SueW Sat 19-Jul-08 18:20:53

Oh wow - thanks

The garden was very well planted but we moved away for a while and then kind of lost our way a bit and it got very overgrown with the shrubs protruding halfway across the bottom end of the garden and it being a fight to get the mower round. Last year we had a lot taken out and re-seeded the grass and this year it's seemed, well, flat, really, with very little colour Oh and in March, just before those pics were taken, we had various trees pruned and removed.

My reasoning behind the bulbs is that our local council has done something similar along the verges and I love it each spring when the various flowers start poking their heads out.

Thanks for the heads-up on the anemones - a friend mentioned those last week and I've been trying to rmemeber what she said ever since.

Pannacotta Sun 20-Jul-08 10:20:56

Your garden looks a lovely size and very private.
Hope you find some gorgeous bulbs/plants....

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