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Transplanting sunflowers

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ohhangon Fri 18-Jul-08 19:32:19

Hello I've got 4 sunflowers growing in the wrong places, they are about 40cm tall, does anyone know if I can transplant them now or will it kill them!

Twinkie1 Fri 18-Jul-08 19:34:30

I transplanted 30 sunflowers at about this height we now have a stunning wall of 5 foot beats one of which is flowering - am awaiting for the others to take a picture of my first real gardening success!

Twinkie1 Fri 18-Jul-08 19:34:45

5 foot beasts!

ohhangon Sun 20-Jul-08 20:06:35

Thanks I shall transplant a couple now and see how they go!

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