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will this work? a non garderner needs help please

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stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 12:33:04

i dont do gardens. in fact i hate gardens. give me a nice flat in a high rise building somewhere. grin
i also never learnt anything about gardening growin up, lived in a flat in the desert.
our garden has become completely over run by ivy. a few years ago i used to be quite good at pulling out what i perceived to be weeds. did the occasional lawnmowing too. then for various reasons, connected with annoying dh, and excessive number of children, i just stopped. every so often either dh would mow the lawn, or he would get someone in to do it.
now, having a garden party type thing this weekend, (grass mown, lots of greenery in garden) i went out and had a proper look. 90% of the greenery is ivy.
my question is this. can i dig out the ivy, fill it up with compost and plant some lavender? yesterday i got these long handles shears think, and chopped the base of the flower bed, now an ivy bed, the ivy is trailing up the palm tree, but it hasnt killed it yet.
or is it too ambitous of me. should i just leave it, as someone like me wouldnt be able to do this on her own?

PrimulaVeris Tue 15-Jul-08 12:45:28

Ivy is a PITA to dig up once established. The roots send out suckers everywhere and are really difficult to pull up - works for a while then they come up again. Muscular men with big tools needed for jobs like this, I reckon. grin

Unless you can get someone in to completely sort it, and it looks respectable enough (hopefully your guests will be too busy partying to notice the ivy!) how about getting in a few cheap ready-made pots of flowers for a bit of colour?

stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 12:56:22

sad thats what i thought.
i seriously doubt being able to get lots of muscular men in. sighhh... that would be nice on soo many levels.
i sish i hadnt been so heavy handed with the shears yesterday now. what if it is all dead, and i have a nice brown patchof ivy under the palm tree then?
maybe it will rain so much, the bbg will be a washout?

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