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Strange, strange neighbours!

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Levanna Mon 31-Jan-05 00:17:22

Thankfully the ones each side and over the road seem great. But, the one directly behind and his neighbour (diagonally behind us) are total pains in the bum! The man diagonally behind us came round last summer in a tiz as we were removing the overoverovergrown ivy from the end of our garden. He has a fully paved yard, the ivy growing on the fence at the end of his yard (our ivy) being the only greenery in his garden. He told us we had to keep the ivy alive or he wouldn't have any greenery! The fact that it's his job to plant/maintain/grow plants for his garden seems to have eluded him somehow. The man at the back dithered about a new end fence between our gardens last year, but agreed this week with DH to go halves to replace the existing fences with one between the two. (There should only be need for one there anyway, over the years either they, or the owners of our house added a second). Anyway DH and I nearly broke our backs to get the old fence out (ivy, concrete, posts and panels) today in an effort to save both us and back neighbours a few £. The neighbour only came out wehen DH was finishing up to whinge about the cost of replacing it, obviously didn't occur to him to thank DH for removing his (concrete) fence or for us providing a skip to dispose of it! . I think I'll charge him an inch of land each time he whinges, the fence will probably end up in their kitchen by the time it's finished being installed .

Mummyloves Mon 31-Jan-05 01:07:15

Levanna, I feel it is a "whatever!" in true Jerry Springer Guest style type of situation! Get that bottle of wine open to celebrate your hard work and stuff your neighbour! Enjoy your new fence! Why are some people just Victor Meldrews? If you'd have left it somewhere down the line you can bet there would have beena complaint about yur "blasted Ivy" all over the place. Have a glass on me, it was backbreaking work!

Levanna Mon 31-Jan-05 10:56:11

ML, exactly that. I think they are Victor Meldrews, in fact the man behind us bears more than a passing resemblence in looks too! As for the other man, I've heard of lots of disputes due to other people's foliage creeping onto their neighbour's land, but not this way around!

fostermum Mon 07-Feb-05 06:23:48

in my old house we had a man who lived behind us who wrote a letter complaining that i sunbathed topless,the fact that he had to cut a hole in our conifers to be able to see over our 6 foot fence to see this,didnt seem to matter,

Levanna Thu 10-Feb-05 21:33:38

fostermum, that's riduculous! Who did he complain to?

tillykins Thu 10-Feb-05 21:40:54

Did he complain that you were only topless?

tillykins Thu 10-Feb-05 21:41:14

Did he complain that you were only topless?

fostermum Mon 21-Feb-05 07:32:35

no he put a letter through our door saying it was immoral to sunbath topless and i should be ashamed of my self!

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