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Containers, crocks, etc.

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trefusis Mon 24-Jan-05 16:11:25

Message withdrawn

Fran1 Mon 24-Jan-05 16:20:59


I'll be interested in these replies as i have moved to a house which has only tiny flower beds and one massive patio which i too use lots of containers on.

I enjoy gardening - but am no expertise.

Last year i just bought some of the ready to plant pots which come with the earth and the bulbs etc. In their instructions they said to use a polythene bag with holes slit in to line the pots with. Don't know whether that would work for the pots you have in mind?

trefusis Mon 24-Jan-05 16:30:35

Message withdrawn

CarrieG Mon 24-Jan-05 16:36:12

My MIL did all mine whilst I trailed in her wake holding her spare trowel! I think the main things are to put a few holes in the bottom, then put broken bits of plate in before the compost (helps with drainage). Oh & you need special compost for rhododendrons & heathers (different pH).

& don't do what I did after MIL left, which was to enthusiastically fill every empty container in sight with bulbs & no 'all year' plants, then forget which had what bulbs in, not to mention which had dead hamsters in (don't ask) so the result looks completely boring for 10 months of the year...

...but as you can probably tell I'm no expert!

trefusis Mon 24-Jan-05 17:08:41

Message withdrawn

helenmc Tue 25-Jan-05 22:09:34

put a bit of jiffy cloth over the holes (that stops the soil making dirty puddles on the patio after you've watered). we use polystryene bits - its just for a bit of drainage. Pots will dry out very quickly in the summer, so add loads of water retentive gel beads (looks like tapioca/jelly/frogs eggs when it swells up). also put some plant food slow release tablets in (well you need to feed and water those babies). have fun!

spod Wed 26-Jan-05 16:59:47

buy big pots/tubs rather than lots of small ones as you'll be forevere waterimg. i use any old bit of broken pots, plates, bricks polystyrene. have fun.... grow some veg too... some are great for pots... tumbling toms, strawbs, pot courgettes....

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