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Anyone know a tree surgeon in Haywards Heath area or near ??

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Mum1369 Sat 24-May-08 11:11:00

Who isn't too expensive and would like to quote on a job ??

Mum1369 Sun 25-May-08 19:40:29


WendyWeber Sun 25-May-08 20:08:17

mehgalegs' DH is a tree surgeon, in W Sussex - around Arundel - her profile

You could CAT her - even if he can't help he may be able to point you in the right direction?

Mum1369 Sun 25-May-08 20:23:40

That sounds promising - will find out how to CAT !!

WendyWeber Sun 25-May-08 20:26:00

Click on Contact a Mumsnetter at the top - you have to pay (£5 I think) and then you can contact anybody via MN (as long as they haven't blocked CATs)


Mum1369 Sun 25-May-08 20:55:45

Great thanks !

mrspink27 Sun 25-May-08 22:51:13

We have used KPS who were great, and also BushWhackas who were also good but a bit pricier.

mrspink27 Sun 25-May-08 22:51:33

Are you in HH?

WendyWeber Sun 25-May-08 22:52:27

Hello, Mr Spink! (I remember you from some quiz thing or other)

(am joking about mr spink btw, mrs pink)

mrspink27 Sun 25-May-08 22:53:32

That's ok! no offence taken!

ScottsPyne Mon 04-Jul-11 12:06:34

Hi there, we used a company called Arbor Cura Tree Surgery. They're based in brighton but they were very good and lopped our trees for a reasonable price.

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