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Bind Weed. Come rant with me

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charliecat Mon 12-May-08 22:33:52

How do you get rid of this evil thing?

FromGirders Mon 12-May-08 22:37:31

Where is it? Can you use a herbicide or is it all tangled through another plant?
If it's growing through something else, you could try cutting its stem at ground level, then waiting a few days for it to go dry and brown before disentangling it from the plant you want to keep.

thisisyesterday Mon 12-May-08 22:38:16

you can't. you really, really can't

TooTicky Mon 12-May-08 22:38:16

You dig and pull out roots, and dig and pull out roots, and dig and pull out roots....
The good news is, if you put the roots in water, then weight them down, and leave them for ages, the resulting "stock" makes a handy food for tomatoes. Haven't tried it yet, I've been reading gardening books by Bob Flowerdew smile he's full of good advice.

KatyMac Mon 12-May-08 22:38:33

But be careful even a tiny bit of root or sten can regrow (if it feels like it)

tigana Mon 12-May-08 22:38:44

pull it out.
dig out every smidgey bit of root you can
dig your laaaand - it doesn't like cultivation, prefers abandoned soil.
I spend a contented 10 minutes each morning and evening picking sproutlings of it out of our garden.

charliecat Mon 12-May-08 22:39:02

its growing upwards at the moment, some re gettable at some arent if i cut it will it kill it?

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 12-May-08 22:39:35

You must dig out the roots, season after season.


Not a big fan of roundup, bit ick about killing any insects/cats/other small animals

tigana Mon 12-May-08 22:39:55

It's the roots, that's where the evil lies. Like underground spaghetti!

thisisyesterday Mon 12-May-08 22:40:01

I think it was alan titchmarsh I once read saying that even he has learned to live with it in his garden because he can't get rid

TooTicky Mon 12-May-08 22:40:17

It's actually quite satisfying carefully extracting a long white root - I think it's the same satisfaction that some peopl;e get from peeling sunburnt skin <shudder>

TooTicky Mon 12-May-08 22:41:04

It can grow huge jungles from just a tiny slice of root.

snotbuster Mon 12-May-08 22:41:23

It's impossible to get rid of it. One of my neighbours sieved (honestly) her entire garden before planting anything and it still came back. Apparently it will grow back from an inch of root left in the ground.
I have turned pulling it out into a bit of a hobby (no, I don't have much of a life!) and patrol the garden on a regular basis, grabbing it as soon as I see it.

FromGirders Mon 12-May-08 22:41:29

No, cutting it won't kill it straight away, but it will kill the stems and leaves that you cut ad stop it from strangling your plants. If you keep cutting it (very regularly for weeks and months) it will eventually exhaust the food supply in the roots, but not if there are any sectios of the plant still growing happily and photosynthesizing to make more energy for itself.

snotbuster Mon 12-May-08 22:43:27

Just x-posted with all of the 22.40 crew above! How's this for a late night bind weed blast!

keepcalmandcarryoncamping Mon 12-May-08 22:44:31

oh, bind weed, it is dreadful, isn't it. At this time of year it is just coming up in all the borders.

You have various options, depending on where it is, whether the border is full of stuff, or if it's in the veg patch.

Most satisfying, if you can, is to wait for a day when the soil is damp (hah!) and weed it out piece by piece. Gently loosen the soil and wiggle each bit out by the root, as any left in , even a fragment, will re-root.

If it's in established borders you can wait till it pokes its head up, then stick a cane into the ground for it to climb up. Then, when it thinks it has the upper hand, you put on a pair of rubber gloves, squirt some nasty Tumbleweed stuff into your gloved hands, rub over caned growth, then carefully enclose in small sandwich bag so it doesn't leak noxious chemicals over everything else.

If I am ever asked for my hobbies for Who's Who, they will definitely include 'fighting a loosing battle against bind weed'.

Or, you could learn to love the quite pretty white flowers?

Good luck!

charliecat Mon 12-May-08 22:51:27

you know i think im going to go for the watch it grow method, i did it on ...friday, removed every bit i could see...its monday now. there were bits nearly a foot tall already

GentleOtter Mon 12-May-08 22:55:38

Put on a rubber glove. Put a cotton gardening glove on top of the rubber glove. Dip your gloved hand in glyphosate (Roundup) and stroke the bindweed. It will die.
Do not touch the 'good' plant or it will die too.

charliecat Mon 12-May-08 23:03:35

Strokegrin ok....that will be fun!

mumchie Tue 13-May-08 10:59:33

Got so sick of pulling it out last year we left it to grow up through our forsythia and even tho I dread to say looked really pretty when it flowerd!

It's growing up through our decking and patio now...arrrrrggh!

lulu25 Wed 14-May-08 21:33:54

i'm kind of getting to love it

it's looking almost...embarrassed to be so quick and hardy

woodstock3 Sat 17-May-08 20:46:00

our neighbour has a jungle of bindweed, nettles and brambles where there should be a garden so even if i nuked our entire garden it would always come back - your bindweed could be coming from three doors down. dig, dig and dig. pull it up on a weekly basis. it wont ever go entirely but you can at least have less of it.

southeastastra Sat 17-May-08 20:48:09

my mil's garden is full of it, i have to weed it every summer. best thing to do is soak the earth to losen the roots, wear gloves and pull it out. cover your arms too mine always rash from it.

flossiefumble Sat 17-May-08 21:16:14

Message withdrawn

MadBadandDangeroustoKnow Sat 17-May-08 21:17:31

Another way is to untangle the bindweed strands from the other plants, stuff them into a plastic bag and squirt a glysophate-based weedkiller into that. Leave it for a couple of days to make sure all the weedkiller soaks in and other plants are protected. Unsightly but effective.

For all weeds, weedkiller is more effective if you bash/trample on them first. And the violence may be therapeutic ...

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