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Cutting the grass in winter

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ChristmasCracker Fri 10-Dec-04 11:11:47

Our front lawn looks awful (well the back too, but noone can see that).
Being gardening novices we cut the grass a while back thinking that that would do now until the spring as we knew it didn't grow much in winter, but it seems we may have cut it too soon as it is now long and messy but very wet and boggy.

We don't actually have a lawn mower yet, we had been borrowing our neighbours, but as it is a big heavy thing i think it will just churn the grass up.

I have to do something with it as it looks so messy.

JaNgLyBELLS Fri 10-Dec-04 11:18:51

DH cut ours a week ago. Just try to do it when its a bit less wet than other times!

Gobbledigoose Fri 10-Dec-04 11:23:37

If you cut it now on a dryish day it shouldn't need doing for a good while.

Ours was cut about 4 weeks ago and still looks freshly done so it won't get done till into the new year now.

ChristmasCracker Fri 10-Dec-04 11:25:06

Hmm right ok, i'll get dp on to it

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Fri 10-Dec-04 11:26:15

OMG I'm about to give gardening advice pswah .. my father would have a fit

I believe, but could be wrong, that you shouldn't cut it if its frosty or rainy nor should you cut it too short

Enideepmidwinter Fri 10-Dec-04 11:27:11

if the ground is wet and boggy it may churn up a bit but it should recover nicely by next year.

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