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Anyone got a lottie???

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mumto2boys Tue 07-Dec-04 10:31:47

I have just managed to get a lottie - having being on the waiting list for several months but wanted one for many years! I have been growing veg in pots at home but really need my tiny garden space for the children to play in! It needs digging over but isn't very overgrown - only 'abandoned' last august! The soil is super - really crumbly and easy to dig! We have started to make plans on what to grow -- potatoes, broad beans, french beans, carrots, brussel sprouts -- to name a few!

My query.... My eldest is really excited about the allotment (he is 2 1/2yrs) and has his own little patch to dig as well as 'helping' me with watering, planting etc.. But my youngest is only 3 months old... I haven't got an 'old' pram/pushchair suitable for him to lie (that I don't mind getting too muddy or grassy) in whilst I dig until he gets to 6 months... so I figure that I will leave him in his carseat on a sheet of plastic (to keep it clean!)... How do YOU keep your young babies amused once they spend more time awake than asleep?


Angeliz Tue 07-Dec-04 10:36:34

Was gonna say Thomcat!!

PaRumPumPumScum Tue 07-Dec-04 10:37:57

me too

mumto2boys Thu 09-Dec-04 17:02:37


bensmum3 Mon 03-Jan-05 10:25:02

Hi, We have a big veg garden, we were given a small swing that ds sat in last summer whilst we worked the garden, worked a treat !

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