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can anyone recommend a tree surgeon in SW London - Teddington, Twickenham?

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poppetmum Tue 22-Jan-08 13:23:44

Hi - wonder if anyone can help. We have several large trees that need attention. We get lots of leaflets that come through the door, but I'd rather go with someone who is recommended. Thanks

ladygrinningsoul Sun 27-Jan-08 19:49:28

We used the Tree Company for pruning some largeish apple trees a few years back and were very happy with them.

Smithagain Mon 28-Jan-08 12:46:50

These ones are based in Surrey - the website says they cover a large part of SE England.

We used them a few months ago and were very happy - efficiently done and excellent clean-up. In fact the garden was tidier when they left than when they arrived blush

Well worth emailing to see how far into London they go.

TuttiFrutti Mon 28-Jan-08 14:04:04

Have just had fantastic service from Alastair Cormack in Woking, at . Very reasonable rates, quick and did an excellent job.

Petersw15 Tue 24-Jan-17 16:28:35

We recently had a row of leylandii's removed from the bottom of our garden. Considering it was a very grubby job, it was a well turned out bunch. They did a good job and would highly recommend the team at

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