Which DA rose for an arch?

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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 06:32:25

Help please!

I’ve just put up an arch. It leads to my veg part of the garden. It’s just over 2m high and 1m wide, so not huge. I think a “standard arch” by DA website categories!

Anyway I want a climber to grow up it and would love a rose.

I was thinking Mortimer sackler or the lady of the lake? I think my heart says lady of the lake but my head says Mortimer..(Mortimer seems more manageable and thornless would be great as we’ll go through the arch a lot)

Any advice? I’ve no experience of growing roses!!

I’d love a fragrant rose that is good for bees. Worried a rose will swamp the arch though (and arch would become hard to walk through!) and cast too much shade (is near a lavender hedge)

What do you think? Mortimer? Lady of the lake? Something else?!

Thank you!

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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 08:02:16

Or strawberry hill or open arms?!

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Theteapotsbrokenspout Sun 18-Jul-21 09:24:18

After some teething problems with a bare root Mortimer Sackler I’ve now got a lovely potted one which I planted out last week.
It is a lovely rose, beautifully scented and a gorgeous colour. I wouldn’t say it was completely thornless but certainly a lot less thorns than other climbing roses. I think it would work well on your arch.

MereDintofPandiculation Sun 18-Jul-21 09:42:06

If your arch is big enough to walk through easily, thorns aren’t a problem. 1m seems fine. Just snip any branches that begin to obtrude

NotMaryWhitehouse Sun 18-Jul-21 10:19:30

Can I put in a recommendation for The Generous Gardener? It's a repeat flower and the smell is wonderful.

A friend bought Paul's Himalayan Musk from DA and that too looks to be a fantastic climber, although smaller flowers more in the rambling style.

I shall find a pick of my TGG for you......

NotMaryWhitehouse Sun 18-Jul-21 10:24:31

Great plant!

Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 10:47:13

@NotMaryWhitehouse thanks and your photos look gorgeous. I did look at it but I think it would grow too big for the arch. Your structure looks much bigger.

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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 10:59:03

Thanks @Theteapotsbrokenspout that sounds good!

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Failingbettereverytime Sun 18-Jul-21 11:52:15

I have just put two arches in my garden. One has Strawberry Hill in pots and the other Claire Austin planted in the ground. Both planted end of March as bare roots. I think they are both doing well but the Strawberry Hill is my fave - smells absolutely gorgeous. Will try to post pics.

Failingbettereverytime Sun 18-Jul-21 11:53:30

I think it will take 2 or 3 years to cover 5he arches.

Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:01:27

@Failingbettereverytime those arches look good! Definitely larger than mine. I’ll try to post link to mine. I am wondering about strawberry hill.

My heart still says lady of the lake for some reason!

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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:02:23

This is my arch!


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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:03:10

@Failingbettereverytime it is going to be such a lovely place to sit in your garden. I’m a little jealous!!

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Beebumble2 Sun 18-Jul-21 12:06:07

Claire Austin is a lovey repeat, scented climber that doesn’t get too large. I’ve got one planted in the ground and it’s very well behaved.

Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:14:52

@Beebumble2 that looks lovely too. Just checked DA website and there’s a nice photo with a clematis running through it too.

How to choose….

You know when it says height 3.75m…can you restrict that with pruning or would that be very difficult in an arch type of situation?! Thanks

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Beebumble2 Sun 18-Jul-21 12:18:45

In order to get the best flower buds, climbing roses require their stems to be horizontal. So training the rose around your arch would take up much of the growth.

TankGirl97 Sun 18-Jul-21 12:19:45

I'd go with your instincts and get lady of the lake. It looks lovely and is great for bees.
I ordered several DA roses last winter including one climber, wollerton old hall. I'm so pleased with all of them.
I wouldn't order in this weather though, wait for it to cool down (ideally I'd wait for winter and bare root season).

Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:24:42

@Beebumble2 thanks. Ok, so do you sort of snake the stems in an S type of shape? I was thinking they go straight up!

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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:25:49

@TankGirl97 thanks! I’m not sure I can be that patient! But is that best for the rose? If so I’ll try and be patient!

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Beebumble2 Sun 18-Jul-21 12:31:45

Just tie them in to the uprights and bend them round the arch bit as they grow. You will still get flowers from the vertical stems, but they prefer the bent bit.

Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:34:28

@Beebumble2 ok, so like up, then across, then up, then back across? Thanks!

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Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:35:02


Just watched this Paul Zimmerman video…ha ha maybe I need lots of Roses!!

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Beebumble2 Sun 18-Jul-21 12:38:48

Great video. That’s the best idea, look at some videos information from the internet. You’ll soon get the hang of it!
I’m trying to grow a climber on a pergola, it’s going very slowly because it’s not in an ideal spot, but I want it there to balance a clematis and vine.
However it does have some flowers. I’m determined to get it to the top!

Beebumble2 Sun 18-Jul-21 12:44:20

Regarding roses grown together, I’ve got City of York growing next to Claire Austin. It’s more prolific and grows all along the fence. Together they fill the space.

Allthenumbers Sun 18-Jul-21 12:55:55


This is brilliant. I love this guy! I understand now the horizontal thing. Thanks - I see how I can get one taller than my arch.

I’m so excited!!!

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