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Sticky umbrella plant

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MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 13:23:49

Sorry I didn't put a title on my previous thread

I have an umbrella plant that has been growing fabulously in my lounge beside a full length window.
A few weeks ago I noticed it had got really sticky and this sticky stuff was on the window and the floor. I have put it outside now. I have also noticed it has brown spots on it that are really wierd because they come of it I scartch them.
Can anyone explain this to me? What to do?

agy Fri 05-Nov-04 13:30:26

Think that's called Scale. You could spray it with malathion but its probably too late and the honeydew (horrible stuff) will probably come back. You may have to start again with another plant.

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 13:35:13


agy Fri 05-Nov-04 13:58:15

Depends how bad it is. You should be able to wipe off the scales and then spray. but if the leaves have turned yellow, probably too late.

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 14:00:51

No it stills look lovely and green. I haven't sprayed it with anything yet.
I am resurrecting a poinsettia from last year too

agy Fri 05-Nov-04 14:15:28

Any spray suitable for indoor plants would help, so long as it lists scale insects. The poinsettia is very good!

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 14:20:35

Thank you agy thsi descibes it very well . From what I can agther though, I think I can't rescue this plant. It's huge and it's covered!!

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 14:21:39

Can't spell today, I have 'coddys syndrome'

Bunglie Fri 05-Nov-04 15:02:53

Can I hijack your thread a minute...please?

Does anyone know why when I put my Christmas/Easter Cacti into my conservatory, where there is more light that the succulent leaves have turned a pinkish colour....does the chlorophyl in them change is they get too much light..or is there another reason? Do you think I should take them out of my nice warm conservatory and put them back in a darker hollow of the house?

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 15:03:58

Hi Bunglie How did you get out of the box?

Bunglie Fri 05-Nov-04 15:11:57

Shush! Please don't tell Mrs D, or I will be locked back in and they don't know about the skeleton key...but even a Bunglie needs 'sanity' sometimes

Any answers re. my Christmas/Easter Cacti?

MrsDoolittle Fri 05-Nov-04 15:17:40

I really don't know very much I am afraid. Let's see if agy comes back.

agy Fri 05-Nov-04 15:19:41

Thought theywere supposed to do that - mine always do! think its when they get older. they need light and warmth - they'll be flowering soon.

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