Can I move honeysuckle and jasmine plants?

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Fizzylemonade Wed 24-Oct-07 11:04:59

I have 2 huge climbers, one honeysuckle about 6' high and around 4' wide, same for the jasmine.

The fence they are currently climbing is being moved (no choice in this) Can I move them to another location. Do they react well to being moved? And when would be the best time to do it?

Tangle Wed 24-Oct-07 21:54:16

We've just had a jasmine and honeysuckle moved. They were both cut down to the main stems at about 3ft, and moved with as much of the root ball intact as possible. Hopefully they'll survive!

Now's probably as good a time as any other to move them - they've got the winter to try and get a new root system established before the demands of the new growth season.

What's going to happen to them if you don't move them?

Fizzylemonade Sat 03-Nov-07 18:58:07

It's a boundary issue, fence is in the wrong place so it is being moved several feet backwards. As they are mature I didn't want to lose them so it is good to know that I can at least try.

Tangle Sat 03-Nov-07 21:42:43

I tend to go for kill or cure - if you're going to loose them anyway if you don't try to move them, where's the downside?

Good luck

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