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Inspiration for my garden

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kkgirl Wed 13-Oct-04 18:09:40

With three kids and a demanding DH I don't have time to tend my garden!!!!

I did have the borders out front planted throughout the summer, but then didn't have time to weed them much, and now they are all a mess. I will need to clear them completely before winter. I need some inspiration as to what to put out there. I have three semi circle bays, one for each of my children.

Any ideas for low shrubs, plants, bulbs etc

beachyhead Wed 13-Oct-04 18:10:33

pink and red for the girls, blue and silver and white for the boys with a little patch in each for them to grow carrots.....

TracyK Wed 13-Oct-04 18:28:06

how about planting tulip bulbs in big pots and then sinking them into the ground. then when they've finished you just lift the pots out.
clear out the borders, lay a weed suppressant and cover with some nice slate/pebbles round the bulb areas?

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