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Does anyone know anything about growing pumpkins?

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IcingOnTheCake Wed 12-Sep-07 19:28:29

The leaves have gone all mildew looking like they have a white dust on them and are dying. The pumpkin itself looks big and orange and lovely. I have just read that i should harvest the pumpkin because of the leaves and i should store it in a warm dry place of about 50-55 degrees until Halloween.

Does that sound right because i am worried that once i do that the pumpkin will rot. I don't want all my efforts to go wasted.

winnie Wed 12-Sep-07 19:36:38

the pumpkin will not rot. They can be stored for months and months.

NormanWillis Wed 12-Sep-07 19:37:51

my veg book says to harvest when they reach their mature colour. A good indicator is when the stems begin to split. Cut with a stem of 2". Place them in a sunny position for a week so the skin hardens fully. Store in a frost free position.

IIRC last year i left ours outside until Halloween because it was quite warm. This year they've done badly sad

IcingOnTheCake Wed 12-Sep-07 19:38:05

Oh good. Thanks.

IcingOnTheCake Wed 12-Sep-07 19:39:14

So do i store it inside or outside?

winnie Wed 12-Sep-07 20:18:00

in a shed or outhouse or outside for a while yet.

tassisssss Wed 12-Sep-07 20:19:34

don't ask us...dh's pumpkins have turned out to be courgettes!!

Suedoo Wed 12-Sep-07 20:37:28

Pick it quickly! I unfortunately didn't notice that the leaves on my plant had gone white and moudly and now my very first pumpkin has gone rotten whilst still on the plant {sad}

allmytimeonmumsnet Tue 18-Sep-07 11:58:03

Do pumpkins mind the frost? It was 3.5 degrees this morning with frost on the ground. I've got a couple getting to a reasonable size and several tiny ones. Wasn't sure if they would go funny with the frost. Its certainly not orange yet. Thanks

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