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winter planting for tubs and baskets

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Allegra Thu 30-Sep-04 21:34:50

Any suggestions what I can plant in my containers? I've planted some bulbs for the spring but not sure what to have in the meantime.
Just need something to look at when I'm standing at the kitchen sink!

bran Thu 30-Sep-04 21:37:51

I usually plant winter-flowering pansies, the diy stores usually have a good stock of them in a range of colours. Crysanthemums are quite good for winter colour too, but I just don't like the look of them.

cab Thu 30-Sep-04 21:38:55

Winter panies, ivy, heathers, polyanthus, ornamental cabbages? (I don't like them but plenty do), or shrubby stuff like a skimmia, golden conifer, euonymus or a choisya.

Allegra Thu 30-Sep-04 21:46:38

Thanks, I hadn't thought of shrubs. I'll be hitting the garden centre this weekend.

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