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Vegetable Garden - What to do?

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smileyragdoll Wed 29-Sep-04 08:18:46

Now that the plot is looking bare I am wondering what i can plant for veg over the colder months?
I know my neighbour digs up potatoes and has fresh brussel sprouts on xmas day am i too late for this?, I am unsure what is realistic can anyone advise? I bought a book but with a ds 9 weeks my reading time has been some what reduced, thanks

smileyragdoll Wed 29-Sep-04 10:39:50

any other vegetable gardeners out there?

emmagee Wed 29-Sep-04 19:15:45

Yes you are too late for spuds and sprouts but there is plenty you can grow. Sow spinach now, also rocket, some of the oriental greens to grow for winter salad, lambs lettuce. Plant broad beans in November for an early crop (try Aquadulce) - if you don't think you like broad beans, grow your own! You could also plant winter onions (from 'sets', which are like tiny bulbs, not seed), and garlic in a few weeks time. In the spare space sow a green manure called Hungarian grazing rye which helps to lock in nutrients and stop them leaching out over winter, dig it in in the Spring before it sets seed to give some much needed oomph to the soil.

To get brussel sprouts and spuds for next winter you need to start in the spring.

Now if only I had time to get into the garden and actually do any of this before it got dark...........!

smileyragdoll Thu 30-Sep-04 13:47:16

thanks, are broad beans that much nicer?, i must admit i hate them but might try it, as i used to think the same of courgettes. thanks for this,

emmagee Thu 30-Sep-04 22:30:18

Broad beans, like peas etc are really sweet and tender when they have just been picked, especially if you get them small. I think we all got fed big old floury ones when we were kids! And if you don't like them they too are a good green manure as they fix nitrogen in the soil, so win win!

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