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Paper Whites

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BooMama Mon 27-Sep-04 18:29:05

I bought some loose paper white bulbs last weekend which I would like to plant in small tubs to display indoors at Christmas. Can anyone recommend the best time for planting to get them to flower in December?

agy Mon 27-Sep-04 18:34:57

Just looked in my house plant expert book - says September.

agy Mon 27-Sep-04 18:36:34

Ooh - you'd better buck up! three more days!

gingernut Mon 27-Sep-04 18:43:07

Oooh, BooMama, glad you asked this question as I was going to ask something similar (although I've not bought Paperwhites, they are Quince - miniature narcissi). Was thinking of planting about now and keeping cool but not as cold as outside by putting them in the garage. Then maybe I'll bring them inside or put them outside later on, depending on whether they need bringing on quicker or slowing down, IYSWIM. Does this sound like the right thing to do? I'd like to get it right as they are intended as Christmas presents!

BooMama Mon 27-Sep-04 18:52:17

I think it's best to err on the side of caution as they're presents and keep them quite cool - it would be depressing if they flowered beautifully a week before Christmas...
I will get my skates on and plant paper whites tomorrow. Anyone recommend storing in garage or keeping in house?

agy Mon 27-Sep-04 18:58:40

Needs to be completely dark as well. Black poly bag in garage good. Bring them in when shoots are 1-2 ins high( 6-10 )weeks. Keep compost moist. Then bring in. Shady spot for few days then move near a window.
Final flowering spot should be bright but not sunny. HTH

gingernut Mon 27-Sep-04 19:07:25


BooMama Tue 19-Oct-04 10:36:50

Have only just planted my paperwhites - don't think they're going to be ready for Christmas! Never mind, they're only for me.
I think I will keep 2 dark in the garage like you say and one in the house, maybe then I will get two different times of flowering?

agy Tue 19-Oct-04 11:08:20

Non-forcing technique - place bowl in garden after planting. Bring indoors when flower buds present. Choose container with good drainage holes and put layer of crocks at the bottom. HTH! Still got all of my bulbs to plant in garden!!

suedonim Tue 19-Oct-04 19:15:42

I'm pleased to see you've still all your bulbs to plant, Agy - it makes me feel a bit better about all mine, which are still lurking in the garage!! I've been on holiday for 10 days, now I'm home it's absolutely *tipping* down and then I'm away again in the US in November. Dunno when I'll get them done.

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