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agy Mon 27-Sep-04 13:01:03

Just want to put in a good word for this company. I ordered some plants from them earlier in the year and one, a white valerian, died. I contacted them by e-mail and they have sent a replacement, no questions asked. So, you can trust them. (don't know how it happened, though - thought valerian went anywhere!)

BooMama Mon 27-Sep-04 18:27:13

They are very quick with delivery. I ordered some willow hurdles (which required a very large box) late one afternoon and although they said it could be a week's wait it arrived first thing next morning. Very impressed!

Freddiecat Wed 03-Nov-04 20:44:23

Oh maybe I should get in touch.

I bought a load of plants and was generally v impressed but the Masterwort plants both died. They had a big slug attack the first night so I thought it was just my bad luck really

hana Thu 04-Nov-04 18:10:40

freddiecat - contact them and send them back! We ordered some things during the summer - 3 of the plants weren't in great condition, we phoned up and they sent replacements very quickly. They did want the manky ones back though!

agy Fri 05-Nov-04 13:01:05

Hmmm, Masterwort is soo susceptible to slugs. Not sure you can blame Crocus for that. I think if you want to grow Masterwort you are gonna have to put down the dreaded metaldehyde pellets.

marthamoo Fri 05-Nov-04 13:07:31

I ordered a chimenea from them two Christmases ago - present for FIL and MIL. I kept getting dh to ring them and try and find out whether it had been delivered or not (had it sent direct to them as they live 250 miles away). In the end he said "look - have you had a big parcel and just forgotten to mention it?" and they hadn't. Crocus had lost the order. Then they said they had sent another one - and that didn't turn up either (they reckoned the courier had lost that one). Then they sold out (and let me know two days before Christmas). ILs finally got their chimenea in February. Surprisingly enough, I haven't used them again!

agy Fri 05-Nov-04 13:09:58

That is such bad luck! I've only bought the plants from them the once. I guess its just as easy to have a trip to the garden centre!

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