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Do I want a Christmas rose for my border that will be all white?.

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Fluffycloudland77 Thu 17-Oct-19 16:29:45

Lidl are doing them next week. £3.99, is that a good price?.

MereDintofPandiculation Fri 18-Oct-19 09:22:00

Yes, that's a good price.

The advantage of a Christmas Rose, which is a Hellebore not a rose, is that the real flower is tiny, and the white "petals" are in fact bracts, modified leaves, so they are a lot tougher and last for weeks.

White is good for something that flowers in winter - the general greyness of the weather seems to sap the life out of other colours.

frostedviolets Fri 18-Oct-19 12:46:45

I've never been able to keep them alive myself.

parietal Fri 18-Oct-19 12:47:51

yes, hellebores are great. put them in any shady neglected patches of garden and leave them to look after themselves.

MereDintofPandiculation Fri 18-Oct-19 14:29:59

I've never been able to keep them alive myself. I've found Helleborus orientalis "Lenten rose" easier than Helleborus niger "Christmas rose".

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