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Muscari is already through. Is this normal?

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cardamoncoffee Mon 14-Oct-19 10:44:07

Planted some muscari about a month ago. We've had heavy rain the last few days and this morning I was surprised to see about 2 inches of shoots above the soil. Does this mean they will grow now and die before spring?
Also have bought allium bulbs, according to the packet they are spring bulbs but online it says they are summer ones and shouldn't be planted until the spring as they will rot. I was hoping that all of my bulbs would come out at the same time (tulip, daffs, hyacinth, muscari) so that I could have a bit of a display. Should I plant the allium now (in pots) or not?

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Mon 14-Oct-19 10:45:59

I bought some slim bulbs and the packaging says to plant them later to avoid them coming up just yet.

I have some anemones already growing.

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Mon 14-Oct-19 10:46:49

Alium bulbs. Phone is correcting to all sort of things, slim, slimy and so on.

3timeslucky Mon 14-Oct-19 11:04:21

I don't grow grape hyacinths but do have the other bulbs you've mentioned (daffs, tulips, hyacinths and aliums). And they don't flower at the same time so I don't know if you'll get the show you're hoping for. Some of the daffs come in just after the snowdrops but others (and the tulips and hyacinths) are much later. There's a big variation IME, not just with the specific bulbs, but even the same bulbs in different parts of the garden. Personally I love bulbs because I get a range of colour and life in the garden from January to April, even May.

yamadori Mon 14-Oct-19 11:05:24

Yes, I've had muscari in my front garden for years, and the leaves always appear in the autumn. Don't worry, they will flower in the spring. They are as hard as nails and can cope with the worst of winter weather.

Oldraver Mon 14-Oct-19 11:18:55

The Muscari in my garden has shoots up to 6 inches at the moment and this is quite nornal for it

MereDintofPandiculation Tue 15-Oct-19 07:59:37

Yes, totally normal. Daffodils will be showing leaves soon too, and snowdrops.

DustyDoorframes Tue 15-Oct-19 13:41:42

I put alium bulbs in last October/November and they flowered very nicely in late May/June/July (different sorts). On heavy clay, so if they were going to rot they would have! And they put shoots up right away too, they were fine.
My tulips flower in April/May, and the muscari is more like March or sometimes sooner.

cwg1 Tue 15-Oct-19 16:44:15

Great advice ^^ Not bulbs, but a bit of spring bedding can be very useful for adding to a display.

It's time to plant bare-root wallflowers now - look out for them. Inexpensive and no plastic pots - you just need to get them in quickly so the roots don't dry out.

In the spring look out for bellis or double daisies - like wild daisies but with extra whorls of petals and, of course, pansies and violas. A few nicely-placed pots and baskets shouldn't be too expensive and will add to your spring garden.

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