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I need a flowering hummock

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MrsBertBibby Sun 13-Oct-19 18:41:02

So we have a space in a newly planted border. See pic. In front are lavender, behind are ceanothus and daphne, to the right is hypericum. We need something that will fill the space without getting too tall. Ideally evergreen. Hebe is the obvious but any other smart ideas?

BobTheDuvet Sun 13-Oct-19 19:34:43

Wall germander?

BobTheDuvet Sun 13-Oct-19 19:35:38

Or bunnies ears (don't know proper name), ever silver, great ground cover?

Beebumble2 Sun 13-Oct-19 19:35:53

How about aN Erysimum, perennial wallflower. They come in purple, orange or yellow.
Mine flower all year long and respond to light pruning to keep their shape.

MereDintofPandiculation Mon 14-Oct-19 09:39:36

One of the larger thymes. Prostrate rosemary (which will grow to about 6 inches high) - ordinary rosemary will grow to about 2.5 ft.

MrsBertBibby Mon 14-Oct-19 18:47:42

Hmm, rosemary's a possible, although I'd kind of like something showier. The border is way up the top of the garden, so we're keen on stuff that will make its presence felt from afar.

I have found erisymum immensely unruly so I think that'll be vetoed.

BobTheDuvet Wed 16-Oct-19 09:02:46

How about a dwarf hydrangea?

This one gets to 50cm tall

JayeAshe Wed 16-Oct-19 09:13:17

Maybe Skimmia japonica for all year round interest.

Or Pieris ?

Perhaps a silver variegated Euonymus with Vinca major trailing through it in spring and trailing Nasturtiums growing up it in summer and autumn.

JayeAshe Wed 16-Oct-19 09:15:38

Heathers? Maybe a summer flowering one and a winter one ...

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