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Decking alternatives?

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MereDintofPandiculation Mon 14-Oct-19 09:46:31

To learn more about hard landscaping in gardens, try

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sun 13-Oct-19 20:50:06

I'd like to learn more about garden materials as I'm not very knowledgeable other than lawncare (still learning)

I've seen a mixture of slabs and gravel used to create budget seating areas. It's often worth checking eBay locally in the spring for bargain materials as people re-do their gardens and driveways.

Finfintytint Sun 13-Oct-19 16:55:03

Have a look on Pinterest. Lots of examples on there. Have fun deciding!

suggestionsplease1 Sun 13-Oct-19 16:46:49

Thanks - I am researching this idea now and will bring it up with my neighbours - it does sound like the sort of thing that might work well!

Finfintytint Sun 13-Oct-19 14:38:54

Broad terraces to accommodate the slope?
You could use sleepers to divide and create separate levels maybe.

suggestionsplease1 Sun 13-Oct-19 14:30:34

I wonder if anyone has any advice?...

I have a flat in a traditional Scottish tenement, where the back garden is communally owned by 8 properties. It's a a state at the moment but we hope to get it looking reasonable and to have a couple of seating areas - but we are on a budget and want to do things as cheaply as possible.

The ground is sloped - maybe a 15% incline, and has been cleared in the past and covered but weeds are growing through and we will need to prep again. We are thinking grass seed to create a lawn area, but are unsure about seating areas.

Decking would probably accomodate the slope better but some owners think it is going out of fashion and would need frequent maintenance, which, tbh, it is probably unlikely to get.

Paving could be an option and seems low maintenance, but then we'd have to level the ground and wouldn't we need to do proper foundations or something to ensure the slabs didn't sink in places if soil conditions changed under heavy rain etc?

Anyone got any clever suggestions?! We would probably spend a bit more if we felt it would hold condition well without needing to be maintained.

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