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fuschia has black patches on leaves, and not many new buds, recently planted into ground Miscanthus morning light's leaves are wilting and going yellow, iny help??

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pirategirl Tue 14-Aug-07 13:38:17

HI i dug out a small border and plante dup a few new plants. First time i have ever done this. The ground is quite stony tho. I put in a plant thats like a desert shrub, thats ok. Yet the grass mentioned seems unhappy. Have only been in there week and a half tho.

My fuschia was abundant with blooms, but now it has only grown a few more, and only on one stem???

Also ot has produced a few berry/grape type things. What can they be!!!! My garden is south facing, and i am in devon, so soil is quite rich, BUT this is a new home and i think there was alot of builders rubble under the soil and a fair bit of sand and slate, that we had to dig over.

pirategirl Tue 14-Aug-07 18:28:20


pirategirl Wed 15-Aug-07 10:16:32

any help out there for this crap gardener?

Tillyboo Thu 16-Aug-07 08:22:29

The berry/ grape things you mention are what's left after the blooms drop off. Snip them of and new blooms will appear.

Did you put compost in with the new plants ? If you are planting in poor builders rubble soil it may need enriching to give the plants a good start.

It's disgraceful the crap the builders leave behind when they finish new builds.
In the past I have found mastick tubes, builders hats, rolls of wire etc. all just under the surface of the soil - if you can call it that.

pirategirl Thu 16-Aug-07 09:11:07

lol, @ 'soil', thanks for the reply, i couldnt belive I was gonna kill my own thread as well as my plants

I didn't put much compost in tbh, perhaps I need to go back and dig some in, if i canget thru it. I did put some fishblood stuff (eugh) in with soil around them tho, so the thought was there!!

I had a search about the grass, and some that they show, which are supposedly the same plat, also look yellowy, so perhaps its meant to be like that, maybe it changes with season a bit.

pirategirl Thu 16-Aug-07 09:13:22

just wanted to ask, the fuschia isnt it th ground it's in a pot, i am thinking of only having it in a pot, so will put it in a biger one.

Do you know what the black patches are? I also took some cuttings whci were doing ok, but they too have these black bits on them. Prob too much water fro m all the rain?

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