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Another plant ID

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KizzyWayfarer Wed 09-Oct-19 17:33:39

Anyone recognise this flower? I think it’s self-seeded.

NanTheWiser Wed 09-Oct-19 21:18:52

It looks a bit like Soapwort - Saponaria officinalis.

Montgomerystubercles Wed 09-Oct-19 21:32:51

Bindweed, pretty flowers but a thug of a plant!

bilbodog Wed 09-Oct-19 21:48:35

Its not bindweed, but dont know what it is

Beebumble2 Thu 10-Oct-19 07:14:17

It looks like a Phlox.

NotMaryWhitehouse Thu 10-Oct-19 07:15:45

I'm with beebumble, it's a phlox.

Moondancer73 Thu 10-Oct-19 07:23:22

Is it scented? I'd say phlox too. Definitely not bindweed.

AnneKipanki Thu 10-Oct-19 07:40:35


PurpleWithRed Thu 10-Oct-19 07:53:21

If it’s smallish and coming from runners with stringy stems and getting everywhere it’s soapwort. If it’s more upstanding and taller (probably with a stronger scent) it’s phlox.

AnneKipanki Thu 10-Oct-19 08:08:06

Can you give more details or another photo?

MereDintofPandiculation Thu 10-Oct-19 09:41:26

I think the petals would be more separated if it were soapwort, so I'd go for Phlox. Definitely not a bindweed - wrong leaf shape.

KizzyWayfarer Thu 10-Oct-19 21:53:05

Thanks for the replies! I took another photo before I went to work but it was a bit rubbish. Further photo attempt (and scent test) tomorrow morning....

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