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Chilli Plant

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Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Sep-04 16:17:23

Message withdrawn

fio2 Thu 23-Sep-04 16:18:45

have you bought your in then yorkie girl? Mine are still outside, nevcer thought to bring them in.

will they survive til next year is a good question

and dont the chillis taste hotter! then s/market bought ones?

Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Sep-04 16:19:32

Message withdrawn

agy Thu 23-Sep-04 17:29:45

I thought I had a chillie planty. It produced a marrow!? Going to make some chutney.

roisin Thu 23-Sep-04 18:03:50

I think chilli plants are annuals ...? Put it this way the one we had last year was very dead by spring! But we did leave it outside, so you never know.

Twink Thu 23-Sep-04 21:35:57

Roisin, usually they are but I've grown them from seed before, kept them indoors & managed to overwinter them (they lose their leaves) and the chillies the following year were fab !

A friend has done the same thing too, her plant is at the end of its second 'season' and is still flowering.

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