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tech (MNHQ) Wed 22-Sep-04 21:57:41

gardening club is here

mummysurfer Wed 22-Sep-04 21:58:38

flower power to u all

Dingle Wed 22-Sep-04 22:06:30

MS, not got very green fingers but I live in hope.Have nearly got the garden sorted-only taken us 6 years! I will know where to come for advice when my plants are looking worse for wear!

hermykne Wed 22-Sep-04 22:07:41

great love gardening just dont get into it these days

Freddiecat Wed 22-Sep-04 22:11:07

Ooooh I am so excited about this! Have thought loads of times when confronted with a tricky gardening issue that Mumsnet would know.

suedonim Thu 23-Sep-04 16:03:42

Ooh, thanks, Tech! Now, about my hedge.....

fio2 Thu 23-Sep-04 16:07:46


am I missing something?

Cadbury Thu 23-Sep-04 16:13:32

Hooray. Now I can approach mumsnet on every question I have! Well, almost. Can we have a plumbing thread too?

fio2 Thu 23-Sep-04 16:15:04

well a plumbing thread would be very useful to me or a

'living in a complete hellhole' topic would be good

Cadbury Thu 23-Sep-04 16:16:00

I wonder if any mumsnetters are plumbers? I think someones dh is one.

Mirage Thu 23-Sep-04 21:27:53

I'm a gardener by trade-but you wouldn't know it to look at my garden

Spod Thu 23-Sep-04 21:38:10

fab! love gardening!

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