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3 peaches, 4 plums and 9 apricots......

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Katymac Fri 10-Aug-07 16:18:28

No it's not a fruit salad but what my garden has produced in the fruit line this summer

This is in addition to the veggies - but it is the apricots I am most impressed with......& the plums I am surprised at .....normally I have pounds of plums

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sat 11-Aug-07 01:11:16

What happened to your plums? Everyone hereabouts (Sussex) is sick of the sight of them.

Am impressed with peach & apricot growing - are they indoors or out?

Califrau Sat 11-Aug-07 01:43:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 11-Aug-07 01:45:40

Lol yes, i have a very new, and berserk plum tree. Branch has snapped under the weight. I picked a bag full this evening to give to a visitor on their way out -that's the last of them now. The tree is only chest height to me so far

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 11-Aug-07 01:47:46

My fig tree, which has done feck all for 5 years, this year, (after getting another thinking this one was utterly sterile) has also gone berserk. DP counted 28 figs on it.

And Blackberries a-plenty this year on my thornless blackberry.

Several pots full of blueberries too.

HOWEVER, much to my chagrin - farking 5, yes five single solitary strawberries all summer

Mhamai Sat 11-Aug-07 01:51:12

Erm, under normal circ, I wuldn't dream of respnds tob this type o thread, no oence ikntended but at least my deence is that I'm slightly inneabreated [sp?] was the rest o yer feckin erkuses tok b respondin to a plum theory at d'is ungodly hour? [gri8bn] srry [griin] even. err

Katymac Sat 11-Aug-07 09:36:15

Peach & apricot are both outside

It is a south facing garden - but we haven't had that much summer

Neither Plum tree has fruited properly

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